Polycold System

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PolyCold System

Polycold® Cryocoolers provide compact, easy-to-use alternatives to liquid nitrogen in small vacuum systems. These cryogenerators use safe, non-flammable, non-toxic, HCFC-Free refrigerants in a closed-loop system. This means no moving of heavy dewars and no running out of liquid nitrogen with resultant downtime. Polycold cryochillers are closed loop cryogenic refrigeration systems that provide up to 4,000 watts of cooling. They can be used to capture water vapor and other condensable substances within a vacuum process to significantly improve both the time and quality of vacuum creation. Polycold products can also be used in direct cooling applications like cooling electrostatic chucks used in semiconductor production or cooling various sensor technologies for improved signal capture.

  • High-vacuum pumpdown time cut by 25% to 75%
  • Pumping of watervapor: 10,000 to 200,000 l/sec in the workspace
  • Increaded production throughput of 20% to 100%
  • Typical payback times of less than one year.
  • Lower watervapor for higher film quality, better adheasion and more reproducible deposition.

We custom design the coil so it is removable for service. Call for details.