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applied cryogenics supports a broad array of cti cryopump and cryo pump systems designed to deliver exceptional performance, reliability and productivity, a veteran owned company providing global support.


Service and Parts

Cryo pump tools are very important in keeping the equipment performing properly. Cryo pumps are a workhorse and hydrocarbon free but do require maintenance and proper handling.

Our Technical Field Engineers can perform a complete diagnostic on your system to determine the existing problem. We can also provide design concepts to help improve your productivity and uptime. Applied Cryogenics, Inc. an independent service provider whose quality standards meet or exceed the OEMs in the area of refurbishment.


Decontamination Manifold

The Decontamination Manifold is required to remove contamination of the helium-gas circuit is indicated by sluggish or intermittent operation (ratchetting) of the cold head drive mechanism. With severe contamination the cold head drive may seize and fail to operate.

Decontamination Manual



Adsorbers are used to trap the cooling oil vapor as helium passes from the compressor heat exchanger. This is filled with a sorbent material which has a finite trapping capacity, replacement of this adsorber is recommended every 1-2 years for most applications.

Adsorber replacement manuals

        cryopump compressor

     Coldhead Rebuild Kits

CTI helium compressors provide extensive helium operating pressure and flow range to a wide variety of cryopump and cryogenic cold head applications. Available in high or low voltage, water, or air cooled variants; the Cti helium compressor is the source of ultra-high purity helium gas in a closed cycle system. CTI Helium Compressors offer convenient maintenance, proven reliability, and optional remote control features.

Cryo temp module

cryo temp monitor

10 microamp for cryopumps. Modular input solution for monitoring of cryopump temperature sensors. 10µA±.05, precision current source, 24VDC input. The analog voltage output signal is 2.375 VDC (330K) to 9.85 VDC (12K) that can be used with a PLC or computer. Slope formula supplied.




CTI 340 diode curve

        CTI standard 340 diode curve plot of the output voltage with 10µA excitation                 current source, The cryo temp monitor amplifies this voltage to a usble 2-10VDC.